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This is the newest iteration of my personal website. I'm using the Zola Static Site Engine with the Apollo theme. Being a mostly back-end developer, I didn't want to fiddle with HTML and CSS, because boy, I could not make a site look good from scratch to save my life. Sometimes using a tool like Zola is what you need to get something done.

Anyways, I plan to use this site to document my projects and write about things I've learned on my development journey, kind of like a dev journal, but public so that other's can learn with me and from my mistakes so they don't have to make the same ones.

As I write this, my work sees me writing custom modules for clients' Drupal sites. I've learned a lot writing these modules over the last almost 2 years. Since I'll be transitioning to another position at my company, I'm not too sure I'll have much to write about Drupal in the next few months before I become a Java dev again.

In my personal life, I'm a bit of a so-called "home-labber" with a 25u server rack in my basement that currently houses my network gear along with my main Unraid server, another Unraid server that I have yet to boot up/diagnose why it's not recognizing hard drives, and a Dell R630 that I have yet to decide what it will do. I'm thinking I may run a firewall and VPN on it so that I can be safer when I decide to self host some services.

This blog will mostly be web development and homelab based, but who knows, the occasional home improvement or non-computer hobby related post/project might pop up from time to time. Basically, this blog will be a grab bag of random stuff I learn or do. Stay if you'd like, go if you'd prefer, but this will be my portal to the void. I don't have tracking on this site, or any type of view-counters, and I'll never run ads. Enjoy!